124 Spider 2000 engine to be serviced with code 132C2031 missing from the carburetors email foto
700cc prepared road engine with modified and reinforced monobloc 110F externally as original email foto
A112 Abarth 58 Hp A1 engine used used email null
A112 Abarth 70 HP engine initials A2 overhauled complete email null
A112 Abarth 70 HP engine used complete email null
Abarth 112 70Hp engine abbreviation A2 missing carburetor and working distributor email null
Abarth 695 SS Assetto Corsa complete engine only missing the crankcases email null
Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA 1600 engine overhauled with magnesium oil pan email null
Alfa Romeo Giulietta engine 60 years. 60000 only missing the carburettor email foto
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Ti 1300 1 series 1315 engine overhauled complete email null
Complete 52 year Vespa engine email null
Engine 112 modified for mounting on Fiat 600 D email null
Engine block Fiat Dino Ferrari complete with camshaft and cylinder heads Fiat 135B000 email foto
Fiat 100D000 engine used for Fiat 600 Multipla email foto
Fiat 1100/103 engine used complete email null
Fiat 124 1200cc engine. Year 74 in working order email null
Fiat 124 Spider 1600 cc engine with 4 carburettors email null
Fiat 132 1800cc engine, code 132A1.000 email foto
Fiat 500 D used engine complete, not locked, without distributor and carburettor email null
Fiat 600 D used engine complete email null
Fiat 850 Sedan engine used complete email null
Fiat X 1/9 engine used first 1300 series with original alloy cup without distributor email foto
Giulietta 1300 Ti engine N AR0012918027 with double body carburetor functioning with an exhaust valve that bleeds email null
Incomplete Fiat 501 engine from the 1920s email foto
Monobloc bell and gearbox housing new stock for Fiat 500 overview email foto
Monobloc new stock fund Fiat 500 D Bianchina 1st series email foto
New engine for 500 Formula Monza prepared by Zentile email foto
New Fiat 124 engine without head 124 ac3 000 email foto
Overhauled Abarth 850 TC engine email foto
Used Alfa Romeo 1750 engine email null
Used Alfa Romeo GT 2000 engine email null
Used Fiat 500 F / L engine complete email null
Used special monobloc abbreviation 112 A2 000 Formula Abarth prototype with highlighted Abarth writing email foto

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